Thursday, January 10, 2008

A little bit of Paris

This is the first page of the mini-scrapper. It is the whole family at one of Frenchie's (a loving nickname for my sister-n-law's new French husband) friend's restaurants. The food was so yummy, but the wine was so good I can't remember what I had ;)

This is the business card from the restaurant -the inset is a 'pull-out' picture, with a gold-embossed tag that says 'bliss'. I really like having removable parts in my mini-scrapper.

This is one of the embellishments included in the kit. The phrase worked so well with this picture!

This is outside the Louvre. Notice the stamps? -they are in the background and also a Paris postmark stamp is in the bottom right corner. I loved these Cavallini stamps and after the trip, I had to have them!
Oh -and you can't really tell from this picture, but behind the picture of Eddie, his mom and his sis is a pullout. It is a little bookmark with a sweet gold embossed (of course) poem on it, it kinda got missed in the picture takin process! -Remember this was a book made for Eddie's mom -an avid reader- for while she was away in New York with her new grandbaby (you can see his sis is a little prego here) which I still have...

This is the Metro ticket to get around Paris. I just love that it's purple and it matched my book ! ;)

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