Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Happy Mail Day!

This past Saturday I was really down in the dumps. I was exhausted from a long week at a new job that I was just not feeling too hot about (and this is my 'dream job'). I was moping on the couch watching an old 90's movie when the mail man dropped some unexpected delights through our mail slot.

My DH picked it up and brought me over the mail. He was like -nothin special- putting all the junk mail on top. As I sifted through, I got more and more excited.

First -the new Stampin' Up pre/mini catty!!! and I liked quite a number of their new stamps, and now that I am working again, the stampin embargo has lifted!!!

Second -a stamp expo announcement

AND lastly, and bestly a card from Stephanie over at ingenious inkling:I had left a post on Stephanie's blog about how much I loved one of her cards, the sentiment would be so perfect to make something for my friend who just lost her job. She responded by sending me numerous perfectly stamped images of this adorable stamp above. Little did I know that this image was really meant for me this Saturday. It so lifted my spirits, especially receiving such a beautiful card along with it! Thank you Stephanie for your act of kindness! It really made my day, and changed my attitude -for the better ;)!

It also gives me a reason to start craftin'!


~missprissme said...

Firstly WHY didn't you call me when you were down in the dumps?? Secondly, Yay for embargo lifting.
Thirdly, are we going to expo together or are you going to mope er ooh I meant schlep around by yourself at the expo?
Fourthly, WHY has no link EVER been shared about ingenious inkling preytell? huh huh?
I h2h that stamp image with the shoes.
Call me girly...

SmilynStef said...

So glad I could bring a lift ... enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...

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