Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bride's Tree -the final installment!

Pinecone for Motherhood and Fruitfulness
Rose for Beauty and Affection (I forgot to take picture -so I had to zoom into a whole tree image)

Okay, at last I have a post! Although the ornaments were finished and shipped off in the beginning of December, I have been so busy with Christmas and New Years that I finally have a chance to post. I hope it was worth the wait! The last couple picts were done in great haste, I was trying to ship the tree with the ornaments off in time. My friend LOVED it, so it was worth all of the work ;), although part of me wanted to keep it!!!


~missprissme said...

here did you get the tree? I've never seen one like that and it's perfect for your project. Beautiful by the way.

~missprissme said...


~missprissme said...

Having a lo-tech moment are we?