Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bad Wife, Bad Blogger!

Wow, it has been awhile. This Christmas was the first time Eddie and I hosted Christmas dinner. I have been so busy getting things ready -like getting a dining room table 2 days before Christmas- that my poor little blog has been severely neglected! I am thoroughly exhausted ~but everything turned out perfectly, well except for the roasted pears that never made to the dinner table because there was just too much food (a gourmet salad would have been complete overkill).

I will post pictures soon, but I just wanted to say HEY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Oh, and the bad wife in the title relates to me finishing my first scrapbook ever last week (yay me!) -except while I was working on it in my stampin room, my husband had food poisoning (which I was unaware of). I guess he was calling me for over 3 hours, but I was croppin, stampin, and singin along to some Christmas tunes and turned an unkowingly deaf ear. Poor thing was shivering and puking and all that not-fun stuff, while I was really having a good time and making a beautiful mini-scrapbook of our Paris vacation. He is doing fine now, but a little concerned in case there is ever a real emergency happening when I happen to be stampin. The world could come to an end, but if I'm stampin, I really won't notice -but in the aftermath of the world's end, a little embellishment and glitter will be necessary!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Angel Ornament

Another Bride's Tree ornament! This is the angel for "God's guidance in the home". It has been a while since my last post -I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas! This will be the first time that Eddie and I host Christmas Dinner; we are still trying to find a dining room table/chairs that will match our dining area motif, meets our budget, and fits into the itty bitty space we have alotted for it. Yikes!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday!

It is my friend's birthday tomorrow and I had to use the new "happy heart day" set from SU. I love this elephant and his little heart flowers (which are 3D glittered using crystal effects). I am surprized I got it finished as Mia has been 'helping' me!

Bad Kitty

This weekend Eddie and I went out to get a Douglas Fir tree for Christmas. I am so happy! Our house now smells like Christmas and the tree is just beautiful.

Every year, it was a family tradition to get a special ornament from my Mom so that when my sister and I moved out, we would have ornaments for our tree. We not only had ornaments, but a tree full of happy memories. My Mom even gave us a couple ornaments from the 1970s that she made for her first tree with my Dad.

So our tree is quite an eclectic collection of ornaments -my favorites are my Miss Piggy angel that was my '2-year old' ornament and the Mexican snowman I got last year.

Okay, so why is this post under the lable "Bad Kitty"? Well, I am sure you can guess, little Miss Mia is no longer allowed unsupervised in our living room. We were careful to avoid breakables at the bottom, but this cat is expert at getting glass ornaments! She is now banished to the stampin room to 'play' with me. By play, I mean she knocks off all my 'loose' stamps from my workspace while I try and type this post!!! She also crawled into my photo-tent while I was trying to take pictures of cards. Above she is almost angelic -looking into the light- but below, she found my hand, one of her favorite toys ~second only to my feet!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Bride's Tree -Rabbit Loves Fruit

Here are several more ornaments for the Bride's Tree.
The rabbit stands for Faith and Hope

The heart is for true love.

The fruit basket (my personal favorite!!!) is for good wishes.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stampaholics Anonymous

My name is Michelle and I am a stampaholic.

I can't stop buying stampstuff. I am also an enabler and a really bad sponsor.

It was my responsibility to stop my friend from buying anymore stamp stuff until after the holidays. She just spent $90 at JoAnn's.

My response: "Ooooooooh! What did ya buy?????"

Bride's Tree -Santa

Santa is the symbol for unselfishness and goodwill

(the line out of santa's head is the hanger for the tree).

Bride's Tree Ornaments

My dear friend got married this year, and for Christmas, I made her a "Bride's Tree". I believe it is a German tradition that a new bride should have these 12 ornaments on her first Christmas tree.

So -as a former potter- I picked up some white Sculpey clay and began quite a tiresome clay-making escapade. I am really happy with the ornaments and almost don't want to give them away. :)

After the ornaments were baked, I painted them with watercolors and sealed them with clear nail polish. I won't post all of the ornaments at once, but I will be posting them this week -and no worries, she does not know I have a blog ;)