Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Easter Nutcracker

Look what Mia found gallivanting around our backyard, why it is an Easter nutcracker just in time for spring! Nutcrackers have a bit of a history in my family, okay the history is just between my sister(Nat), me, and the Christmas nutcrackers that once called our parent's house home. You see, my older sister is deathly afraid of nutcrackers.

Yes, a bit odd -and I had nothing to do with this strange phobia! Although, as a young prankster I used to move all the nutcrackers in the house into her room in the middle of the night. I would turn them to face her as a pleasant surprise when she woke up. -well okay the pleasant surprise was the intention the first time. The shrieks of terror in the morning (and my ensuing shrieks of laughter) were motivation for the subsequent nights of nutcracker infatuation with my sleeping sister.

Anyways, it is a tradition of mine to hide a nutcracker in one of Nat's Christmas presents -when she spends every other Christmas in Connecticut with her husband's family; I will hide it in her Christmas package -a nice little treat/memories from home. Well this year, I bought a wooden unfinished nutcracker so that I could send her a special nutcracker, but alas; with putting on Christmas dinner, I didn't get a chance, and my sister never got her Christmas nutcracker.
And then in my backyard, Mia finds an Easter nutcracker!!! How perfect, Nat will never be suspecting this (insert evil laugh)...and my parent's will be visiting her for Easter so I can get details of her reaction:) I used acrylic paint for his body -mixing the purple myself so that his legs are more blue and his hands more pink. I colored his hair using SU orchid opulence marker. I also gave him a little haircut.

His bunny belt buckle is an embellishment I made using shrinky dink paper and a Michael's $1 stamp (so is the egg) colored using prismacolor pencils (shrinky dinks are amazing for making your own embellishments!!!).

As my sister is a disco queen, I made his shoes and sword out of a disco ball (okay, silver glitter ;)) His hat is decorated like a pretty polka-dot/glitter easter egg. He really sparkles!!!
Although I am sure the Easter nutcracker will miss his birthplace and home in San Diego (and his cat friend Mia), he is eagerly awaiting his trip to D.C. to meet my sister.


~missprissme said...

Wow evil laugh is right. LOL. Um the corners are made with the SU tool kit matte thingy. It comes with the punch tool and a grid to line them up. You should really get it. ;D

chelemom said...

Too funny! You did a great job decorating him! AND I love your photography of him!

Anonymous said...


-miss lisa.

Anonymous said...

As the unfortunate recipient of yet another nutcracker, all I can say in my defense is that I watched one too many Chuckie movies as a child. And nutcrackers are a bit creepy, one has to admit. However, I think I need to find something new to not want, as the care to which my darling sister Snigglefritz has put into making said nutcracker renders it difficult if not impossible to dispose of. And the Easter nutcracker indeed is growing on me, just as the gnome you made me so many years ago for my graduation. So, if you are listening, dear Snigglefritz, I really am frightened of jewelry, flowers, and anything liturgical. And pedicures. really scared of those. Just to keep you looped.
-snappy d