Monday, March 24, 2008

Bunnies and birdies and candy, oh my!

Here are two side views of my Easter table. Every place setting had a place card with a hazelnut chocolate carrot (yummy!!!). I love decorating for Easter. Spring is my favorite time of year with the brilliant colors as flowers bloom and the bustling of new life as chicks start to hatch. A couple of my friends are also having babies -congrats to Nicole who gave birth to a little baby girl yesterday on Easter, so sweat!

This is a top view of the centerpiece flanked by two bunnies.

Here is a top view of the extra table to seat our overflow that wouldn't fit at our expanded tables. The flowers were a fantastic surprise, sent to me from my family and the Easter Nutcracker. They are a beautiful mixture of tulips and irises. They were just perfect for the second table -and what a treat to come home to this past Saturday (thanks again!)

This is 'candle holder' I used as a candy holder. I filled it with light green and lavender M&Ms. I love that they now come in any color -to match any party motif! ;)


missprissy said...

You go above and beyond Martha.

Anonymous said...

MissPriss stole my comment... You are soooo totally Martha!!! I love the name cards too, that little chick is so adorable!!

Helen said...

Wow that's it you are never coming over for dinner again. I am too embarrased at my lack of creativity. J/K but only about the never coming over. You are sooooo creative. Are you sure you teach bio???