Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Miss Twidbitts Strikes Again

I made the image small because I cannot believe I am putting her on my blog. There has just been a crazy doll craze and it needs to stop! Marie O.'s creepy doll dance performance (dancin with the stars) and Miss Priss's hedda-bedda spinning face doll have brought up some bad memories!

Okay, this puppet used to follow and harrass me when I was working up in Barrow, Alaska. Now you may wonder why I have her picture? I did not take the picture! It just appeared on my film!

Anyhow, I was bloggin about it to Miss Priss (see above link) and thought a visual may paint the picture.


~missprissme said...

OMG PEEPEE LAUGH. Just wondering did the resemblance to your blog picture and evil twidbitts escape you? In a extremely strange way you both have the same pose goin on, same expression my god IT IS YOU. No just kidding but this topic is getting out of control if you go check out my blog you will see the SCARY FOOT FROM HELL. You would think it is still halloween instead of Christmas. OMG I almost peed my pants when I saw that picture.

michelle g. said...

That is just so wrong. Unfortunately the uncanny resemblance escaped me until your comment. Now I am really freaked -and look, she is looking at my profile picture!

and that foot?!? did twidbitts do that?

Helen said...

What the HELL!!!! You guys need a support group.