Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas kiss

Yesterday was a frenzy of Christmas card making. My friend came over and we had a great time stampin away. My DH stepped in (only for about 30 sec) -I think he was awestruck by all the sparkling glitter that somehow made its way everywhere. Glitter is kind of like that. He has a 1 minute tolerance of all that glitters in stamp central -he tends to wind up with it all over him somehow (is he a closet stamper?). I will only mention the kiss of glitter on his cheek if I catch it before he goes out on a shoot. If I catch it when he gets home , I think it's best he doesn't know (let him think it's his flash that's making all his photos dazzle...) think this toad will turn into a prince? I have seriously gone crazy over silver embossing powder, it works great for a background and for the 'center stage' stamp. I have been using it on almost every card lately!


~missprissme said...

OK where did you get that toad stamp??? That is tooooo cute

Emilia said...

this post is fun!! :-)