Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Handmade Binkie for NY, NY

This is the baby blankie that I quilted for my "almost born" niece. Unfortunately for us out here on the West Coast, this little one will be born and livin in NY city. So I found this adorable NY Shopping fabric and thought it would be perfect for a future NYer. I loved the cheetah pattern and had to pair it with NY -as it is a jungle out there:)

Here is a close up view of the front -I love this quilt pattern with the fringe on top, it makes the blanket so cozy! I also love how I could still add an extra touch of pink in the fringe by using pink squares on the back.

Another close-up. This baby was just too much work for just one photo :)

This is the pattern on the top part of the blanket.

This is the bottom of the blanket


~missprissme said...

OMG so finally I get to see NYNYs baby blanket. That is sooooo cool. I dont remember about the fringy things that is really nice. Love your sense of humor jungle/NY. ROFL.

Allison said...

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it and am very jealous that you aren't joining me in Satan's lair tomorrow!! Hope all is well!!