Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This is a quick little post to say Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers!!! I will post soon.

My computer blew up last week while my hubby was away in NY, I lost EVERYTHING!!!-like a semester's worth of gen bio lectures...hmmm a back up would have been nice. I will be taking it to a tech and hope and pray he can fix my SYSTEM23 ERROR!!!!!

I had some great picts of a bunny named Winston (a baby cotten-tail Mia caught to play with -we rescued him and set him free a couple days later), oh how I wanted to keep that cutie, but he is wild -and we already have a bit of a food chain issue with the cat and the dogs, really don't need someone lower on the food chain!!! and of a great journal I made for my bro-in-law who was mugged and attacked with a bat in D.C. (more on that when I get the journal picts).

I will post my Mother's Day creations soon -they turned out really well...Mother's Day was really nice. My Mom and I went out for yogurt and then worked on the most adorable baby quilt, then we had a BBQ at my hubby's parents' house.

ooops this post got longer than I thought it would! It has just been so long since I've been in blog-o-land, I missed everyone!!!


Helen said...

my coma is officially over. I am super awake. Glad that Moms day went well. My mom and Dad are coming over for dinner tomorrow night so that I can give my mom her present. I was way too tired and out of it to give it to her yesterday. luv ya!

Emilia said...

you are such a sweetie! can't wait to see your post of Mother's day card...