Friday, June 20, 2008

A Post at Last!

I thought this card may be appropriate for a little Friday Happy Hour ;) The "Lime Stand" was made from the Amuse Lemonade stand. I removed the pitcher of lemonade and doodled the lime. I also doodled the margarita class. The sunny punch is from Martha's collection. Don't you just feel like being at the beach somewhere around sunset sippin on a nice refreshing margarita? waves lappin at the shore, sun kissin the horizon...
Life has been a little hectic lately so my blog has been regretably postless for awhile. However, I have been stampin and craftin like a crazy lady -so I have lots and lots to share!!!

I'll have to continue this tomorrow, it's almost 1am and I should head for bead. I am really turning into a vampire (minus the blood sucking) because my nights have not been filled with restful zzzzzzz's lately and my days have left me pale.

BUT aside from this, Life has been really good, a tree full of limes turned into key lime pie!!!! YUM!


missprissy said...

So true ... life makes me pale too... C U T E card. Your post really rand true to me too. grr on the vampirism.

Helen said...

um u made pie and didn't tell me???? Cute card.