Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bad Kitty

This weekend Eddie and I went out to get a Douglas Fir tree for Christmas. I am so happy! Our house now smells like Christmas and the tree is just beautiful.

Every year, it was a family tradition to get a special ornament from my Mom so that when my sister and I moved out, we would have ornaments for our tree. We not only had ornaments, but a tree full of happy memories. My Mom even gave us a couple ornaments from the 1970s that she made for her first tree with my Dad.

So our tree is quite an eclectic collection of ornaments -my favorites are my Miss Piggy angel that was my '2-year old' ornament and the Mexican snowman I got last year.

Okay, so why is this post under the lable "Bad Kitty"? Well, I am sure you can guess, little Miss Mia is no longer allowed unsupervised in our living room. We were careful to avoid breakables at the bottom, but this cat is expert at getting glass ornaments! She is now banished to the stampin room to 'play' with me. By play, I mean she knocks off all my 'loose' stamps from my workspace while I try and type this post!!! She also crawled into my photo-tent while I was trying to take pictures of cards. Above she is almost angelic -looking into the light- but below, she found my hand, one of her favorite toys ~second only to my feet!

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